Fuel cell solutions

Clean and sustainable

The core of this solution is the fuel cell. Oxygen and hydrogen are combined to create water, heat and electrical energy. That energy can then be used to propel your ship. Cleanly and sustainably. And it also gives you a much larger sphere of action than when you have just a battery on board.

Creating a noiseless vessel

When you opt for a fuel cell solution, you opt for a completely new way of sailing. Because vessels powered by fuel cells are very quiet indeed. Silence reigns on board, as it were. However, you do have to take on hydrogen regularly, which can be done at an onshore installation. The solution is therefore mainly suitable for inland waterway vessels and yachts with permanent moorings.

Leading the way with knowledge

Alewijnse leads the way when it comes to fuel cell solutions. For example, we were closely involved in developing the Nemo H2. The Amsterdam round-trip boat was one of the first boats in the world to be powered by hydrogen. Partly thanks to that project, we are now familiar with the basic requirements and know what needs to be done to comply with the laws and regulations. The power of a fuel cell solution: we have all the requisite knowledge in-house.

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