Drive panels

Experience leads to professionalism. We use our wealth of knowledge as the basis for reliable solutions. The drive panels are just one of the examples in which the specialists of Alewijnse demonstrate that. Indispensable for the propulsion system and the conversion of energy. On any ship.

Many functions

Each engine on your ship has its own drive panel. Many things come together in such a panel, for example, functionality for monitoring and cooling, or flushing and filtering. These many functions make this panel very versatile, but at first sight also quite complex. However, in the case of the standard Alewijnse drive panels, the latter is not so bad.

Flexible and manageable

The standard drive panels of Alewijnse have a modular structure. This makes them flexible and manageable. We can quickly disconnect and replace components, without this having a direct impact on the entire system. As a result, those components together create a single, high-quality and powerful system that allows you maximum freedom.

The use of space

With so much flexibility, we can specifically apply each drive panel to every situation. That has its advantages, also when it comes to the smart use of space on board. Our drive panels are compact and very specifically tailored to the needs of the shipping industry. With the drive panels of Alewijnse, you therefore primarily acquire a customer-specific solution.