Automation Solutions

Innovation and knowledge can give rise to unprecedented opportunities. This also applies to Alewijnse’s automation solutions. We build on proven standard solutions and deliver exactly the customised solution that meets your specific needs. We streamline your processes and look further than just the technology. Together with you, we find the best solution for your ship; after all, that's what is important.

Total package for automation

Alewijnse offers a total package of automation solutions. One of these is our Alarm, Monitoring & Control System (AMCS), which is used as the basis for on-board automation. The AMCS consists of solutions for collecting, monitoring and displaying field information and alarms and checks in pumps and valves, for example. And all of this can be combined with our versatile Propulsion Control System, for example, which manages the propulsion of your ship. Alewijnse can also supply you with a Power Management System, which you can use to manage electrical systems.

Everything under one roof

Our broad-based total package helps us to distinguish ourselves in the field of automation. We have everything under one roof, as one solution. Which means we can also make that solution as user-friendly as possible. Not just because the data is presented in an attractive way but also, for example, because less work needs to be carried out on board.

Give efficiency a boost

With Alewijnse’s automation solutions, you give efficiency a boost. You save on manpower, cables and spare parts and you simplify the processes on board. That means that you can quickly recover the costs of your investment in automation.