MV Jaguar

The open top, special diesel-electric powered multi-purpose cargo, bulk and container vessel, called MV Jaguar was the result of the cooperation between the companies Alewijnse, Shipkits, Vuyk Engineering Groningen, Vacon and the shipping company Amasus. This type of vessel has been designed to very tight operational criteria, including environmental (green) considerations and desires to maximize the operational life of the vessels by being ahead of both programmed and anticipated legislation and regulations.

DC bus management system

Alewijnse supplied the installation of the switchboards, the commissioning of the equipment and installation of the DC (direct current) bus management system, which is developed by Alewijnse itself. Remarkable fact of this system is that the generators can run at either 1.500 or 1.800 rpm, depending on the load, or to ensure quieter operation in port. This is due to the fact that the AC power generated by the gensets goes to a direct current (DC) busbar. The deepwell cargo pumps are powered directly from this DC network, and other consumers are powered through a DC/AC inverter. With the DC-bus, synchronization of generators is unnecessary.

General information

Type of Vessel: Cargo

Ships name: MV Jaguar

Shipyard: Shipkits B.V. Groningen

Owner: Jaguar Shipping, Vlieland

Delivery: 2012


Length o.a.: 107,20 m.

Breadth moulded: 16,00 m.

Depth (to main deck): 9,30 m.

Tonnage: 5198  ton

Speed: 12 knots