Electrical conversion Atlantic Amsterdam

Atlantic Amsterdam

Alewijnse Marine Systems has successfully completed the electrical conversion of the jack-up rig Atlantic Amsterdam. The Atlantic Amsterdam has spent nine months at Damen Ship repair Vlissingen being converted from a drilling rig to offshore hotel accommodation by Nordica Offshore Pte, Ltd. Alewijnse was responsible for the:

  • supply;
  • installation;
  • integration, and
  • commissioning of a number of critical electrical systems.

Refit and retrofit market

The Atlantic Amsterdam (formerly called Shelf Explorer) is owned by Atlantic Amsterdam Pte. Ltd. of Singapore, a subsidiary of Ezion Holdings Ltd. Lead contractor Nordica Offshore chose Alewijnse Marine Systems, which has a permanent representation at Damen Ship repair Vlissingen, for the electrical conversion of a number of important systems. The electrical refit of the Atlantic Amsterdam further reinforces the position that Alewijnse has developed in the offshore refit and retrofit market and demonstrates the wide range of skills and capabilities that the company can bring to projects of this complexity. In its role in the conversions, Alewijnse worked on a number of important systems on each rig. These included the conversion and engineering of several 600/440/220V electrical distribution systems, along with the installation of an emergency shutdown (ESD) system.

Other installations

Other installations included:

  • a completely new alarm system;
  • back-up UPS facilities;
  • a convertor with distribution panel for the new welding shop;
  • life boat davits;
  • deck and emergency lighting, and
  • various systems for the machinery deck.

As well as those, a new jack-up alarm and monitoring system was installed to give a clear overview of the operational status of the motors, overloads and breakers.

Electrical infrastructure components

Alewijnse also delivered and installed a number of new electrical infrastructure components including the panels and transformers for a range of new equipment that includes:

  • boilers
  • HVAC
  • galley and laundry facilities
  • lighting distribution with emergency supply, and
  • sewage plants.

Alewijnse also performed additional critical support activities including overall system commissioning.


The Atlantic Amsterdam project was supervised by Alewijnse Marine Rotterdam and Alewijnse Marine Galati, subsidiaries of Alewijnse Marine Systems. The new offshore hotel accommodation will now be deployed by Maersk Oil in the North Sea off Denmark.

About the Atlantic Amsterdam

The Atlantic Amsterdam rig was acquired last year as a drilling rig and has been undergoing a full conversion from drilling rig into a 318 POB first class accommodation rig. With the accommodation rigs Alewijnse Marine Systems is creating a safe haven in the offshore environment for the hotel guests for them to be able to work and relax in an ambiance comparable to a high quality hotel.

The Atlantic Amsterdam is a three-legged jack-up type T-2600_C2, designed by CFEM and constructed in 1984 in Dunkerque, France. Classed DNV + A1, MODU (IMO Resolution A414 xi). Completely refurbished in 2013, the rig proposed a high standard accommodation.