Damen Combi Freighter M.V. Onego Rotterdam

The Damen Combi Freighter ® 8200 ‘M.V. Onego Rotterdam’ is a fuel-efficient seagoing cargo vessel with multi-purpose capabilities. Fuel efficiency is very important in shipping, that’s why these vessels are fully optimized. Without losing flexible options to meet the needs of the customers, these coasters and freighters have the highest possible volume-deadweight ratio.

Switchboards & nautic equipment

Alewijnse took care of the engineering, installation of switchboards and installation of nautic equipment for the Combi Freighter ® 8200 ‘M.V. Onego Rotterdam’. The nautic equipment was made by Admarel, one of our partners.

General information

Type of vessel: Cargo
Ships name: M.V. Onego Rotterdam
Class: Lloyd’s Register
Shipyard: Damen Shipyards Group
Owner: HighSeas Shipping Eight B.V.
Delivery date: April 2013


Length o.a.: 118,14 m.
Breadth moulded: 16,14 m.
Depth moulded: 8,80 m.
Tonnage: 5751 ton
Speed: 13,6 m