Conversion Atlantic Labrador

Alewijnse Marine Systems is playing a significant role in the conversion of the jack-up drill rig Atlantic Labrador to offshore hotel accommodation. Built back in 1983, the rig arrived at Scheldepoort Repair & Conversion Yard in Vlissingen. The refit took a few months.

Removal of drilling installation

This major project involved the complete removal of the drilling installation from the rig including:

  • the 80-metre drilling tower;
  • sliding piece;
  • cement and mud tanks;
  • all the remaining drilling equipment;
  • redundant cabling and piping.

Scheldepoort will meanwhile build a new, 400-tonne accommodation block which is to be placed on the deck, while the current accommodation facilities will be completely refurbished and new life saving equipment installed. The rig is also to be fitted with sponsons in order to comply with stability regulations.

Fire & gas detection

In its role in the conversion, Alewijnse will work on a number of important systems including the installation of a PA / GA system and a fire & gas detection system. Alewijnse will also perform additional support activities at the Scheldepoort yard. Upon completion the accommodation rig will go into service in the coastal waters of Denmark. This significant order further reinforces the position that Alewijnse has developed in the offshore refit and retrofit market and demonstrates the wide range of skills and capabilities that the company can bring to projects of this complexity.


The Atlantic Labrador is a three-legged jack-up, designed by CFEM and constructed in 1983 in Dunkerque, France. Classed (DNV) MODU (IMO Resolution A414 xi). The rig has been converted into an accommodation unit for off-shore services. Scheldepoort, 2011. Conversion: transformation from jack-up drill rig to offshore accommodation platform. Project management, engineering, installation and commissioning of new and refurbished electrical installation, PA/GA system, fire and gas detection system.