Alewijnse completes electrical outfitting of unique LNG tanker Coralius

Successful delivery of unique LNG tanker Coralius

Unieke LNG-tanker Coralius met succes opgeleverd

Alewijnse Marine has successfully delivered the electrical fit-out on board the new LNG tanker BN803 Coralius, built by Royal Bodewes for Sirius Veder Gas AB, a joint venture between Sirius Shipping and Anthony Veder. The hull of the vessel was built in Poland before being moved first to Papenburg, Germany, and then to Eemshaven in the Netherlands for fitting out and sea trials. Alewijnse began work in November 2016 and the vessel was handed over to the client in early September.


The Coralius (99,60 x 17,95 m) is the first purpose-built LNG bunker and feeder vessel built in Europe, and her state-of-the-art design resulted in her nomination for the Next Generation Ship Award during Nor-Shipping 2015. The ultra-modern, highly efficient 5,800m³ Coralius is specially designed to transport LNG to areas where supply via pipeline is currently not an option. The vessel takes part of the EU projects Plug & Play with LNG, a regional EFRO-project which concentrates on technical LNG related system developments and Pilot LNG, that is tasked with promoting a pan-Europe LNG bunkering network. The Coralius will support the establishment of LNG infrastructure in the Skagerrak/Kattegat area and the Baltic Sea.

Electrical outfitting

Alewijnse was contracted by Royal Bodewes for the engineering and installation of the main electrical systems on board. These included the alarm monitoring and control system (AMCS), the power management system (PMS), the main switchboard board (MSB), the emergency switchboard (ESB) and the closed-circuit TV installation (CCTV). Also included were the distribution panels, indoor and outdoor lighting, navigation lights, engine room signal columns, transformers, frequency drives, harmonic filter units, all cabling, fire detection and gas alarm system, domestic equipment, window wipers, sensors, UPS and batteries, shaft generator, and the stern and bow thruster motors plus other ancillary systems.

State-of-the-art systems

The systems onboard the new LNG carrier are highly advanced, and the hull has been built to the highest ice classification (1A), to enable it to remain operational throughout the year despite the extremely low temperatures found in the Baltic Sea during the winter. Its Emergency Shut Down (ESD), a security system especially made for the LNG room, is unique, having been designed to automatically shut down various critical systems when gas is detected. Furthermore the vessel has a dual fuel motor and hot water boiler technology, lean gas auxiliary engines, a fuel performance system and advanced thrusters for precise manoeuvring in restricted harbours.


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