Successful completion electrical outfitting Fugro Venturer

fugro fassmer venturer electrical outfitting

Alewijnse Marine has successfully completed the full electrical outfitting of sophisticated survey vessel Fugro Venturer. The 72-metre vessel was built at the Fassmer GmbH & Co. KG yard in Berne, Germany and can be deployed for a wide range of survey solutions, from seismic surveys of offshore wind farms to oilfield inspections. Her first assignment began in June in the deep waters of Ireland’s Atlantic margin and the far North of the Barents Sea.          

Global system integrator

Alewijnse Marine, a global player with more than a century of experience in maritime electric technology, was involved with the first design, producing, installation and commissioning of all electrical systems on board Fugro Venturer, such as  the advanced main power generation- and distribution systems, engine room alarm and monitoring system, navigation- and communication systems, closed circuit TV installation (CCTV), public address and general alarm system, lighting and wheelhouse consoles.


A highlight of the design is the advanced electrical propulsion system, which ensures acoustically quiet and fuel efficient operation.


For Alewijnse, the Fugro Venturer was a unique project, as the company was involved at the electrical design of the vessel from the first design stage on. This resulted in high quality of the systems, as proved during acceptance tests and sea trials. Alewijnse Project Manager René de Ruiter: “We are proud to have been involved in the design and building of such a beautiful and complex vessel. We are convinced that the Fugro Venturer provides Fugro with a high quality addition to its survey vessel fleet.”


Besides Fugro Venturer, Alewijnse Marine has extensive expertise and experience in the electric design, construction, commissioning and service of different type of advanced offshore vessels, including multiple survey vessels.


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