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Maritime's first Augmented Reality on Alewijnse stand at Europort 2017

Augmented Reality at Alewijnse stand on Europort 2017

Are you curious about Augmented Reality and the Internet of Things?

If you are, then visit the Alewijnse stand at Europort (hall 1, 1307) and experience this new technology in action for yourself. By using an app that's quick and easy to install on your smartphone, you can instantly see a lifelike virtual overlay of the insides of a physical console positioned just in front of you. It’s a remarkable experience.

If you prefer not to download an app, there will be a tablet available for visitors to use, with the app already installed. In addition to visualisation of the inside, the tool also overlays a range of useful information about the system that is retrieved via the Internet of Things. This demonstration illustrates the kind of future opportunities offered by Augmented Reality, and the future begins now. You do not want to miss it! So come to visit our stand and experience the Alewijnse AR Experience. Our experts on the stand will be happy to answer all your questions.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is 'enriched reality'; a technology that merges reality with the virtual world. It takes reality as seen through the camera of your tablet or smartphone and enriches it by overlaying virtual content. Within the maritime world, Alewijnse Marine and Novotek are demonstrating an application of Augmented Reality. By adding additional dimensions to our customers' fields of view, the installation of new products or the retrieval of information becomes a virtual and educational experience.

Augmented Reality increases Uptime

AR enables field technicians to diagnose and service problems more quickly and accurately. In addition, working in a virtual environment brings significant benefits to training, sales support, company and product presentations, and advertisement and infomercials. The applications are many.

Renewal in practice

Augmented reality allows our field engineers to instantly access service resources that would otherwise be unavailable. In the modern age, everything can be accessed online: plans, manuals, simulation software, diagnostic software, ship system status (AMS, VMS etc) and more. Everything can be linked and we ensure exactly that. Complete WIFI coverage and inter-linked databases already ensure free access to data anywhere on a vessel. The only thing missing has been an efficient way to direct this flow of data to the user in a way that makes it accessible and useful. Augmented Reality allows this to take place.

A new world at your fingertips

The system adds the virtual world to the physical world. This begins with placing data such as plans, cable runs, software diagnosis, etc.  in the virtual space. At the same time, integrated systems can now be monitored from a single location and be supported by remote expert assistance in real time. The potential for efficiencies is enormous, and this is just the beginning. The complex human machine interface (HMI) of each system can then be reduced or even eliminated altogether, resulting in a reduction in cost, size, and complexity for the user.



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