Electrical works on ferries Côte des Dunes and Côte des Flandres

Côte des Flandres and Côte des Dunes DFDS - Dunkerque - Damen Shiprepair Dunkerque

Alewijnse Marine Systems has successfully completed electrical servicing and upgrades on board the recently renamed ferries Côte des Dunes and Côte des Flandres. Alewijnse was responsible for the service and maintenance of the generators, the breakers and the main switchboards on board the vessels.

Maintenance and refurbishment

The two ferries Côte des Dunes and Côte des Flandres spent last months at Damen Shiprepair Dunkerque for maintenance and refurbishment before entering service between Calais and Dover as of February 2016. Among the other scheduled works, the public areas on board for passengers and truck drivers have been completely renewed.

Damen Shiprepair Dunkerque

Damen Shiprepair Dunkerque awarded the contract to Alewijnse based on the success of previous service and maintenance projects on a number of ferries that took place at the shipyard. Alewijnse has a strong relationship with Damen and operates at a number of its ship repair yards, including those at Dunkerque, Vlissingen, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Den Helder. The expertise of Alewijnse in the fields of project management, safety and service also played a role in obtaining the order for the Côte des Flandres.


“Our relationship with Damen is based on partnership and mutual trust,” commented Alewijnse Marine Rotterdam Service Coordinator Perry Eikelenboom. “We share a common goal of having each vessel ready for work again as soon as possible. At Alewijnse we take responsibility for giving the best prices, clear specifications and quality solutions when it comes to electrical services. ”

Dover - Calais

The ferries are now operating between Dover and Calais, carrying both passengers and freight. Formerly known as Berlioz, the ro-ro passenger ferry Côte des Flandres was built in 2005 at Chantiers de l' Atlantique. The ropax ferry Côte des Dunes, formerly named Rodin, was the second to be built in 2005.

- Photo courtesy of Damen Shiprepair & Conversion -


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