Complete electrical package for Esvagt Supporter

Alewijnse Marine Systems provides complete electrical package for Esvagt Supporter

Alewijnse Marine Systems successfully delivered an electrical package that includes a new X-band radar, a camera system in the engine rooms and new searchlights.

Nautical equipment

The ability of Alewijnse Marine Systems to deliver bespoke and complete packages combining both nautical equipment and electrical maintenance in short periods of time is valued by customers across the maritime industry.

Service and maintenance support

Alewijnse Marine Rotterdam, part of Alewijnse Marine Systems, offers a comprehensive portfolio of service and maintenance support for all types of vessels in the maritime industry.

Navigation & communication equipment

Advanced Marine Electronics (Admarel), the electronics branch of Alewijnse Marine Systems, specializes in the supply and commissioning of navigation & communication equipment.

Rescue vessel

Esvagt Supporter is a standby safety vessel equipped for rescue operations at sea and the highly-trained offshore crew has access to the most advanced equipment available. The Esvagt Supporter was built in 1989 and sails under the flag of Denmark. The ship is 42 metres long, has a beam of 9 metres and a gross tonnage of 723 tonnes.


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