Ballast water management systems (BWMS)

Alewijnse Marine is now offering a complete service package for BWMS installations across a range of vessels

With the IMO ballast water convention coming into force on 8 September 2017, the race is now on for all ocean-going vessels to install BWMS. New build vessels are required to install a BWMS as from 8 september 2017. Existing vessels have an obligation to meet the D2 standard between 8 September 2019 and 8 September 2024.


To assist vessel owners and operators with the process of installing the new systems, Alewijnse Marine is now offering a complete service package for BWMS installations across a range of vessels. It is doing this in partnership with piping specialist Leemberg and 3D (EX) scanning experts Medir International.


The service covers every aspect of the installation process, and Alewijnse offers systems from worldwide BWMS producers using electrolysis, UV, chemical and other technologies to neutralise the invasive marine organisms found in ballast water.


Alewijnse works with its clients to help them select the right BWMS for each vessel. Once that has been done, the installation process begins with Medir International using 3D (EX) scanners to map the engine and pump rooms of client vessels to determine the optimal positioning and layout. With the design stage completed, Alewijnse then installs the equipment and integrates it into the ships’ existing electrical systems while Leemberg handles the BWMS components and piping that interface with the ballast tanks. That done, the vessel is ready to resume operations, fully compliant with IMO regulations.


Together, the three companies work together to combine their specialist skills to ensure that vessels of all types have the right BWMS for their needs, and that the systems are fitted quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption to a vessel’s routine operations.


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