Maritime by Holland welcomes René ten Brinke as new board member

Maritime by Holland welcomes René ten Brinke as new board member

Maritime by Holland welcomes René ten Brinke as new board member

The Dutch maritime cluster Maritime by Holland has welcomed Alewijnse CEO René ten Brinke as the latest new member of its General Board. His appointment was announced at the recent Maritime by Holland Assembly of Members, held on 29 August 2018.

René ten Brinke says he feels honored to join the Maritime by Holland board: "On behalf of Alewijnse Marine I would like to express our support for the Dutch maritime cluster concept. I think it is important that we stand together, and I intend to play an active role in promoting its objectives. I believe that if things are going well with the whole cluster, then the companies that form it will be doing well too."

The Chairman of Maritime by Holland, Wim van Sluis, was pleased to welcome the CEO of leading system integrator Alewijnse Marine to its board: "It is important for Maritime by Holland to show that leading maritime firms are joining us,” he said. “By bringing together all the maritime subsectors we create a strong alliance that can effectively promote the Netherlands as a leader in maritime technology and production.”

René ten Brinke

René ten Brinke brings valuable experience and expertise to the Maritime by Holland board. He is an experienced director with a background in a variety of industries including IT, telecoms, genetics and, most recently, in maritime. On 14 May 2018 he was appointed CEO of Alewijnse Marine, an all-round systems integrator with over 125 years of experience in marine technology.

Maritime by Holland

Maritime by Holland is a joint initiative for companies powering the maritime sector in Holland. Together, they generate social and economic value for clients worldwide through an unbeatable combination of expertise, imagination and collaboration. The organisation connects twelve maritime sectors: ports, offshore, maritime suppliers, shipbuilding, ship operating, dredging, maritime services and knowledge institutes, inland shipping, the Royal Navy, watersports and fisheries. Together, this €23.3 billion industry comprises 17,200 companies employing more than 271,500 people.


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