Electrical works on board world’s most advanced cable-layer Living Stone

Electrical works on board world’s most advanced cable-layer Living Stone

Electrical works on board world’s most advanced cable-layer Living Stone

System integrator Alewijnse Marine has completed electrical outfitting works on board DEME’s new and innovative subsea cable-layer Living Stone, which is considered to be one of the most productive and efficient vessel of its type in the world. The Living Stone has been designed to support wind farm installation and interconnector operations and recently started her first assignment; at the Hornsea Project One wind farm currently being developed off the North Sea coast of the UK.

Alewijnse Marine, a global leader in its field with more than a century of experience in maritime electrical technology, was responsible for significant elements of the electrical outfitting on board this advanced vessel. The contract included the installation and connecting of cables to the DP back up room, installation of the helideck equipment and heat tracing for the FIFI system, connecting of fiber optic cables, modification of the CCTV system in the carousel and other installation works and commissioning assistance.

DEME’s choice of Alewijnse Marine for the electrical works was based on the strong track-record that Alewijnse has built up in supporting DEME with its specialist skills in the construction of previous vessels.  This includes projects undertaken on IHC’s Minerva and Scheldt River last year, which involved similar installation and commissioning activities.

Top of its Class

The 160-metre Living Stone is designed to lay deep-sea cables linking offshore wind farms and the mainland. In addition, the vessel is also equipped for the positioning of rocks using a vertical fall pipe system that can reach depths of up to 1,000 metres. Additional features include a cable capacity of more than 10,000 tonnes, an advanced cable laying system, dual-fuel (MGO-LNG) engines and a DP3 system. This specification ensures that the Living Stone is the most advanced and innovative vessel in its class today, as well as one of the largest.

Advanced cable-laying system

The vessel is equipped with an advanced cable-laying system designed by DEME’s offshore engineering specialist Tideway and built at Reimerswaal shipyard. To minimize costs, Tideway designed a system with two cable ways; one to lay the cable and another on which the next cable can be prepared at the same time and on which a cable protection system (CPS) is installed. This allows much faster cable preparation, and a reduction in the need for manual handling, thereby reducing the risk of damage to the cables.

Good quality, on time

Alewijnse project manager Valentin Petrea is delighted with the result of the Living Stone project: “We are very proud that we could once again carry out electrical outfitting works on an advanced cable-laying vessel for DEME. The customer was very satisfied with Alewijnse’s performance because we delivered good quality and we met all schedules, which was highly appreciated. Using our professional knowledge and flexibility and closely cooperating with the customer, we again demonstrated that we can meet the highest expectations.”

Experienced in electrical systems for cable layers

Alewijnse has extensive experience in the electrical newbuild and refit of all kinds of cable-laying vessels. Previous notable projects include the full electrical installation and systems integration on board the innovative cable-layers Nexus (Van Oord) and the Maersk Connector, and electrical servicing and maintenance on the GMS-owned, fibre-optic cable-layer Cable Innovator.


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