Alewijnse service engineer Jack Estrabo: Working as a service engineer with the whole world as your workplace

Working as a service engineer with the whole world as your workplace

Alewijnse service engineer Jack Estrabo: Working as a service engineer with the whole world as your workplace

Alewijnse service engineer Jack Estrabo has experienced various different aspects of electrical engineering. In his work as an electrician in the maritime industry he both repaired generators and engines for a large shipping company and installed cables on new build vessels.

But it was only when he arrived at Alewijnse Marine that he discovered what he really wanted to do; to troubleshoot errors on electrical installations on board vessels of all types. “I fly all over the world for all kinds of repair and maintenance work,” he says. “It can be on any kind of ship; sea-going vessels, oil rigs, inland tankers. Every day brings a new challenge. "

Varied work

Jack has now been at Alewijnse for eight years. “My work is very varied. One day the job can be repairing a jack-up system on an offshore platform, another time I can be fixing a malfunction on a crane magnet installation. Repairing breakers for generators and thrusters, or performing megger tests on board inland tankers, are all part of my work. I also go on board lifeboats, trailing suction hopper dredgers and lifting vessels for inspections and repairs.

All over the world

As a maritime service engineer Jack travels all over the world to wherever the clients’ vessels may be located. “It’s mostly in European countries, such as Germany, Belgium, France, the UK, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Estonia, but I can also be sent out on short notice to Curaçao or other countries outside Europe,” he says. “It's really nice to visit different cultures, meet new people and taste unfamiliar food. As a service engineer in the maritime world, the whole world is your workshop.”

International colleagues

Not only is the work thoroughly international, but Jack’s colleagues are as well, coming from many different countries. “With my Filipino background I feel completely at home in such a multicultural environment. I know from experience that it can be different. At an earlier company, I was the only non-European in the service team and I suffered numerous forms of discrimination. At Alewijnse it is completely normal to come from a different country or culture. That’s why I am as happy as a clam working here.”

Electrical engineering

Working in electrical engineering gives Jack lots of energy. “Electrical engineering is complicated and I am always encountering new and different systems,” continues Jack. “It is always interesting to find out how a new electrical installation works and what maintenance or repairs it needs. It gives me a thrill when I finally get the system working again and the ship can continue on its way. That makes me proud. It gives me lots of energy.”

New generation

Jack is an expert in electrical engineering, but would also like to transfer this knowledge to a younger generation. “I enjoy teaching young technicians at Alewijnse. I also see a growing talent for technology at home in my seven-year-old son. He is crazy about screwdrivers and wants to take apart his toys and put them back together again. In him I can see myself again as a kid. I would definitely recommend him and other youngsters to opt for technology as a career. It is varied work in which you can continue to grow. You keep learning because the technical developments are fast moving. And the more you know, the more fun and satisfying it is.”


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