The Dutch control the water. We devise and implement systems for waste water, sewage water, drinking water and industrial water; this is what we are known for worldwide. And we depend on it. The reliability of these installations is crucial to our health and safety.

Knowledge and technology, technology and knowledge

Your installations must be reliable. Energy consumption must be reduced and seasonal influences may not affect your customers. You would prefer to prevent leaks altogether, but if they do occur, they must be detected and solved as quickly as possible. For you as a producer, this can have significant consequences in a market in which knowledge is ageing. Alewijnse Industrial Automation will help you with years’ experience and innovative solutions.

Needs and requirements

From the start of the project, we will support you in establishing your objectives, needs and requirements. Our knowledge of technology and regulations in your industry come in handy in this process. We make the translation to the functional design, and we take care of the process automation and the electrical systems. After commissioning and acceptance, our service and maintenance team will make sure that your installations remain reliable. Our extensive knowledge of many PLC and SCADA systems – we are, for instance, PlantStruxure partner of Schneider – allows us to provide you not only the most innovative, but also the most suitable installation.

Interface control

Various technical disciplines work together on renovations and new construction. The interfaces between these disciplines are a known source of problems and their associated cost overruns. Controlling these interfaces is an art in itself, one that we understand like no other. This is why we will gladly manage the entire process for you, so you can focus on your business: water.