Sewage water treatment plants

Due to new regulations imposed by government and society, your systems must constantly comply with the latest requirements and rules. The improvement of the reliability and sustainability of your installations is thus a continuous process. You must combine new developments, such as the extraction of raw materials from waste water and the energy-neutral operation of your installation with controlling costs and managing a reliable installation. Furthermore, your employees should develop knowledge of these new elements of your company.

Cost control and reliability

You want your installations to operate properly and reliably at minimal cost. Power consumption plays an important role in this. Thanks to the latest technology and our knowledge of the treatment steps, we will provide you with insight into and control over your installations. Our process control and visualisation will allow your employees to quickly detect malfunctions and variances in your production process and make the necessary adjustments. Even remotely, you can quickly respond to alarms. This is a necessity rather than a luxury if you process biogas at your site.

With a simple push of a button we will provide you with a clear overview of the Information on the consumption of your installation on sub or component level. You are in control.


We involve more and more partners and suppliers so that we can have the most sustainable and energy efficient components available for your installations. This will help you make your installations even more energy efficient, and thus more energy neutral, in addition to generating energy through combined heat and power plants and biogas plants.