Medium voltage

As a major energy consumer, you have your own low and/or medium voltage installation. This allows you to meet the continuously changing electricity demand of your users. With our experienced and certified staff, we will devise, implement, maintain and manage your low voltage and medium voltage installations.

The downtime of your business processes due to a power failure is a costly nightmare. The production loss of such downtime is usually significant. Restarting the production line often requires a thorough cleaning of the line and a reset of the various systems, with all the associated consequences.

Reliability and continuity

A reliable energy supply is thus an essential prerequisite for your business processes. A sound own medium voltage installation - fit for the task - increases your operational reliability.

Project: from advice to management and control

Our certified staff will advise you on an installation that suits the energy needs of your business. We will design and calculate, build, maintain and manage the medium voltage installation for you. This ensures that it will always meet all requirements.

New construction, expansion and renovation

Overhauling, new construction or renovation? We carry out complete projects, including the associated tasks, such as:

  • excavation work
  • cable laying
  • commissioning of 10 kV transformers and distributors
  • earthing
  • coupling sleeves and terminals
  • measurements and analyses
  • support for switching operations