Maintenance & Service

You would like to keep malfunctions to a minimum and have them solved as soon as possible. This will increase your production efficiency and supply reliability and keep your customers satisfied. Targeted preventive maintenance is the way to find a balance between maintenance costs and cost losses. We will gladly assist you in determining the unique balance for your installation, which we are able to do at any level.

On-call service contract

An on-call service contract offers you a guaranteed response time in solving immediate problems. On the basis of our fault analysis and clear recommendations, you are enabled to adjust your production lines.

Service and maintenance contract

A service and maintenance contract goes a step further. A zero measurement forms the basis of our preventive maintenance approach. This will reduce the number of faults in your production process. With our 'Remote Management' module, faults can usually be analysed and solved quickly and remotely. If this is not the case, we will be on location within the agreed response time to solve the technical problem as soon as possible. This will maximise your installation's availability and relieve your technical organisation.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

At this level we provide the complete technical management of your installations. Together with you, we will determine the optimal balance between availability, safety and sustainability of your installations. This is established in Key Performance Indicators (KPI). This will unburden you even more and provide more certainty about and insight into the costs of your installations.

With branches throughout the country, we have a nationwide coverage, which keeps response times short.

Reporting a fault

Telephone number during office hours: +31 (0)24 371 64 62

Telephone number outside office hours: +31 (0)800 023 30 02