Industrial waste water purification

Water is not your core business, but it is vital to make your product. There are many aspects to consider in this regard. The water used in your production process must meet a certain level of purity. A good part of your production costs is used to obtain good quality purified water. An expansion of your production means you need more pure water, so the capacity of your water purification or reprocessing plant should be increased.

Once the water exits the production lines, it is contaminated and must be purified to be reused or discharged. In addition, the purification must be effective enough to prevent Legionella growth. By treating the water sufficiently, you can save significantly on discharge costs while complying with environmental legislation and regulations. Most companies lack the in-house knowledge of these issues.

Reduction of production costs with a small investment

The easiest way for you to reduce the consumption of water is by reusing it in your production process after purification. To provide you with an insight into the savings you can realise by reusing purified water, we will gladly perform an energy and water scan for you. In most cases, a small water purification plant is sufficient to save on costs. This requires only a small investment and therefore, a short return on investment period.

Total solution by Alewijnse

Because we operate in many different industries, we can assist you with diverse problems, whether you are active in the chemical industry, produce food or soft drinks, or operate in the pharmaceutical world. We offer solutions for production lines for which the purification of water must be a continuous process, but also methods to make your process water purer than water (demineralised water). We not only carry out the construction of water purification plants, but we can also expand your current (demineralised) water supply. For these total solutions, we work with reputable partners, allowing us to provide you with a range of options, methods and advanced applications.