Industrial Energy Management

Energy costs are a major expense for industrial companies. With Alewijnse, your energy costs will be reduced. We will analyse your energy bill and your production environment. We then use these data and our own measurements to propose improvements that often drastically reduce the costs. In many cases, we can realise significant savings by making small changes.

Our expert energy consultant will visit your company and measure and analyse your production process. We combine these data with that of your energy bill and with what we learn during a tour of your production site. We will then visualise the large energy consumers for you.

Advice is free, but does it bring you anything?

We are confident of our advice. If it does not bring you anything, we won't charge you anything: No cure, no pay. Of course, we will also gladly implement the potential cost-saving measures for you.

Quick steps and more

Often, a few simply ‘interventions’ are enough to make a production process more energy-efficient. In the event our advice requires a larger investment, the return on investment will never exceed 3 years. Thus, your company will quickly benefit from the result.


The purpose of energy advice is, obviously, cost reduction. In collaboration with Hezelburcht Consultancy, we review your options for obtaining subsidies. By making optimal use of all the financial opportunities, we can offer you an even better ROI.