Drinking water plants

The safety and reliability of your drinking water plant are paramount. Whatever happens, the supply of your drinking water to your customers may not be interrupted. Alewijnse Industrial Automation has many years’ experience in the construction, reconstruction and renovation of drinking water plants. Fire, malfunction or power failure; you would not want to imagine what the consequences are for the production of your drinking water. And thanks to the recent technological and social developments, you are faced with even more challenges. All this in an ageing organisation in which knowledge is becoming increasingly scarce.

Carefree installations

We can help you reduce the changes and consequences to a minimum. For instance, by converting your production line into a two-way production line. This enables you to create your own backup system at the production site. We can also make your power and control network redundant. In case of power failure or failure of the control system, a second line will automatically take over, without interrupting the water supply.

Standardised solutions

Construction and maintenance of the installations are costly and time consuming matters. Through extensive standardisation these costs can be reduced. The repetition factor reduces the time required for the realisation of a production site and hence the costs. At the same time, the similarity of the installations will save in maintenance. Each site contains the same components. Fewer different spare parts in stock will save money. Besides, using the same installations everywhere will save the experienced worker time when determining the cause of a malfunction. In recent years, we have developed and implemented multiple standards, often in close collaboration with our clients.

Safe automation

Technical developments can be a blessing. The production of the water is optimised, and a plurality of information is available, for example, the energy consumption and the efficiency of your production lines. But at the same time you are worried about the safety of your automation systems.


We offer solutions that fully protect your process automation against undesirable disruptions. Both in the field and in production buildings themselves. We will gladly visit you, so we can determine together how we can help you protect our drinking water.