Construction Kolff water treatment plant

Alewijnse was commissioned by Vitens to build a new, modern water treatment plant in Waardenburg.  In addition to traditional water treatment, Vitens also plans to operate a decarbonation plant.

Operational delivery

Alewijnse was responsible for the design, assembly and operational delivery of the electrical engineering systems and the process automation for water production company Kolff in Waardenburg. This production company supplies excellent drinking water. It also plays a central role - even more so than in the past - in the drinking water supply for the western Rivierengebied and the Bommelerwaard region in the Netherlands.


  • Dismantling the existing electrical installation.
  • Installing the electrical engineering and control systems.
  • Fitting the switches, distributors and control panels.
  • Designing and commissioning the process automation systems.
  • Designing and commissioning the application software.
  • Installing the telemetry equipment.
  • Installing a no-break system.
  • Installing, delivering, assembling, connecting and commissioning the earthing system.
  • Delivering, assembling, connecting and commissioning the low voltage system.
  • Delivering, assembling, connecting and commissioning the measurement and control system.
  • Testing and commissioning the systems.
  • Supplying and assembling the Emergency Power Generator and delivering it in operational condition.