Technology is a wonderful thing. But our main focus is you.

We use technology as our basis. Technology is what drives us. But we’re always looking for more at Alewijnse. We realise that it’s not about finding the best-looking solution. It’s about you. And it’s about the combination of people and technology. Your ambitions and challenges are our focus and our inspiration. And yes, we do like ingenious technologies. But only if they can do something for you too.

Committed and experienced

The combination of people and technology plays a very important role in our company. We depend on our employees to live up to the promises that we make. They are employees of an organisation that has been active for more than a century, so they have the craftsmanship and energy required in this sector. At Alewijnse there is a strong bond between the company’s Management and employees. We all feel very involved and committed. And with this as our basis, we are also committed to you as our client.

Always looking for the right solution

Over the past few years, the knowledge we built up in our company has given rise to many exciting new developments. For example, we worked on the first round-trip boat that runs on fuel cells. And we were the first to come up with a 3D animation for a water pumping plant. Developments like these make us very proud, but we are still eager to achieve more. We are always looking for new solutions. For new ways of enabling you to benefit from the power of innovation.