Alewijnse Panelbuilding

When you combine forces, you can come up with very high-quality solutions. Alewijnse International Switchboard Production (AISP) proves that time and again. AISP is responsible for building panels for Alewijnse and the external market. It does this in its production locations in Nijmegen in the Netherlands and in Romania and China, which together create an efficient and cost-effective trinity. And it means that you as a customer always have a stable supplier.


Alewijnse oversees the foreign branches down to the finest detail. This guarantees the quality and delivery reliability of our panels, which are well-known for their excellent design and functionality. We manufacture the panels in standard, customised-standard or fully tailor-made materials that can be used to create powerful electrical systems, such as:

  • complex low-voltage distributors up to 7000A
  • consoles
  • reliable control panels
  • engine control centres


Good engineering adds enormous value, and our successful control panels are no exception. Alewijnse gives you added value from the very first moment, even as early as the design process. This enables us to develop professional solutions with remote I/O systems and advanced engine starters, for example. Added to this, we can use EPLAN to create clear 3D drawings of the panel.

Customised solutions

Do you have special requirements for your applications? Then we can provide you with customised solutions. For example, when your requirements involve electromagnetic compatibility, weight or shocks and vibrations that exceed the specifications of standard products. We mainly supply our customised solutions to the shipping and coastguard sectors, although our knowledge extends much further than just those sectors. Our goal is to provide customised solutions for every application, wherever it might be.