Alewijnse launched new website

Website Alewijnse

Alewijnse launched a new, bilingual website. The familiar website has been completely redesigned, offers new content and uses a clear architecture.
The website contains a diversity of projects and specialisations that particularly concern the different specialisations Alewijnse has in the following sectors: Maritime and Industry.

The new website represents a logical next step in Alewijnse’s communication strategy. The site is fully responsive and allows the quick modification and sharing of information, resulting in a powerful medium - both today and in the future. The website is based on a newly developed platform with more visuals and complete new and rewritten content. To Alewijnse, it is an important channel to reach both customers and prospects. Users will quickly find the required contact information and are able to directly download a brochure.

Job opportunities at Alewijnse

In addition to the corporate website, a special recruitment website has been launched. It presents an extensive range of conveniently arranged, challenging job opportunities at our electrical engineering company. People are able to apply directly. Employees with various backgrounds and expertise talk about their jobs - thereby inviting new applicants to apply. This way, not only will they learn what to expect from the job, but also what they can expect from their future colleagues.
The website presents visitors with customised information about new job opportunities and will alert them about new jobs that match their profiles. Job opportunities are easily shared with friends on social media.

Dick Alewijnse, CEO of Alewijnse, explained: ‘We consciously opted for a form of communication that enables us to present ourselves to the outside world in a clearer way. With these websites, we present to you an up-to-date platform that will be used throughout our organisation in a more efficient manner.’

In addition to the new and improved content and technology, allowing for an easier and speedier use, the design of the websites has also been renewed. The new design is characterised by a simple layout, placed over a mostly white background and with large control elements. Fine examples of projects and people are complemented by project descriptions, blogs, and news items.


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